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Anita Kaplan, LCSW, LADC
Meet Anita

You feel alone because even the people you’re closest to may not understand or even worse, judge you for your fears and problems. The constant chatter in your head is on an endless, self-sabotaging loop.

You’re ready to learn how to manage the daily anxiety and depression. Possibly that’s what has led you here.

You will understand in a no nonsense, plain speech kinda way how PTSD, anxiety and depression effect the body and mind. You will end therapy with a greater understanding of why you’re experiencing challenges. You’ll begin to heal so you can experience joy and purpose in your life again.

It might sound cliché, but I love what I get to do as a Social Worker. Witnessing the healing effects of therapy motivates me to be better and better each day and show up as my authentic self. I provide only evidenced-based therapies and interweave each different type of therapy that best suits the person in front of me.

You might be wondering if I’m in recovery. The answer is, I’m not. I used to think this left me at a disadvantage, but I quickly learned that the people I work with were successful not because of MY story, but because of their story. This isn’t about me.

My training and background have prepared me to help you.

I am CERTIFIED in EMDR which means I have gone beyond just EMDR training. EMDR has been effective with almost every single client I worked with, so it only made sense to continue education, training and experience in this therapy. During my certification process, I gained extensive knowledge of EMDR therapy and refined my skills on the vast ways to customize EMDR to meet the individual needs of the client in front of me.

I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I have had 13+ years of experience in the addiction field including chemical dependency education and supervision. Almost every single person I’ve worked with since 2002 has had some kind of addiction. It was only natural to pursue my education in this area because it served my clients best.

A couple fun facts about about me….I’ve been married for 17 years and have two children. My middle-school and elementary-schooler certainly keep me on my toes!  I love being outdoors, traveling and spending time with family, friends and my two amusing cats.

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