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“Not why the addiction but why the pain.”

-Gabor Mate

Addiction: Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Your coping mechanism has turned on you.  

You have struggled with feelings of loneliness, anger, fear and insecurity.  Drugs and Alcohol have helped deal with these feelings.

Addictions come in many shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, your phone, work or shopping….it shows up for all of us in different ways.  Regardless of the type of addiction, hurt is at the center. Are you avoiding pain?  Are you seeking pleasure?  Or both?

This disease leaves no one unscathed.  Addiction take its toll on you and your individual family members.  Family members find themselves living a life for which they weren’t prepared.  

Addiction can be used as:

Our goals in working together can include: 

A way to “fit in” with others
As aspect of family culture
A way to avoid/escape
A way to cope with past traumas

Deactivating relapse triggers, urges and cravings with EMDR
Building a healthy system of coping skills that can address life stressors when they happen
Clearing past hurts so you can savor the enjoyments of life, find a sense of purpose and reach your goals. 
Learning about the disease of addiction
Developing tools to cope daily

We will work together to discover what’s pushing the addiction so you heal from these wounds. We will find the root cause of your addiction and most effectively deal with these core issues.  This will help you to live in the here and now and no longer feel the need to escape from the past.


You will have a better understanding of yourself, your story and how you can

move forward with purpose in your life.

Your unique relationship with addiction will guide our work.  

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