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Fees & Insurance

How much do sessions cost?

  • Standard appointment: 50 minute session: $185

*EMDR therapy normally requires more time due to the nature of the high intensity work we do.  It’s best to schedule a 90 minute session so we can safely and successfully move through the trauma work.

Forms of Payment:

I accept cash, check and most major credit cards.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance but can provide a superbill for you. 

What I offer that makes me different from other therapists:

  • 22 years of compassion, enthusiasm and service in the mental health field

  • Strong connections with ethical, reputable addiction and mental health programs in the community

  • Online sessions with HIPAA secure platform

  • Online scheduling

  • Automatic appointment reminders

  • Out of network claims

  • Connect with other providers for referral and coordination of care

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